These kits are not official Qantas uniforms, so we don’t have strict rules about when and where they can and cannot be worn. However, when out and about please bear in mind that your kit clearly identifies you as representing the Qantas brand – so please be safe, courteous to other road/trail users and obey all road/trail rules.

The kits are intended to let you show your pride in Qantas in what we hope you feel is very stylish and highly functional gear, whether commuting, training or café cruising. The Retro kit, taking its cue from our “Retro Roo I” B737, is the first of a series of limited edition kits that will be available periodically.  We hope you enjoy wearing these limited edition kits which are intended for recreational usage.

As all clothing is custom made there is a 'No Exchange / Returns Policy', however all clothing has a 12 month manufacturers warranty.